A strange picture taken in cave

This strange picture was taken in the cave around 2 AM on Oct. 6th by a motion activated camera. There was no one in the cave at the time but there had to be some sort of movement in the cave to trigger the camera. The date on the picture is incorrect as I did not have the date set on the camera.

Here is one of the pictures that I found on the camera Friday night Oct. 15th. For some reason all the others were of the ceiling but there were no orbs in them.

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3 Responses to A strange picture taken in cave

  1. Kim Crowe says:


    I was looking at the picture you posted.. looks like a girl sitting there.. wild. Did you find anything in the pictures from friday night? You had stated that there were 7 pictures on your camera and of course 2 of the ones of you… lol I have been going thru my pictures from friday night and there is one in particular that I am going to send to you.. It was taken in the back room.. and I don’t remember seeing this!!! will try to send it tonight.. but will for sure by tomorrow nite… we had a great time Friday nite!!!

    kim crowe

  2. Kim Crowe says:

    it looks like a woman in the pic from friday nite.. then has another person in side of that one.. do you see that too… plus the orbs.. WILD!!!